Ends of the Earth Network


What is a HUB, you might ask?

A HUB is not a local church, but the nucleus from which network of ministries with a common vision and core values radiate. Another term for a HUB could be “an apostolic community.” But a HUB is not merely a place or a ministry. It is a community of people “…worshipping together and praying together. Their shared life in Christ forms a spiritual center that glows like embers at the core of a bonfire. People are drawn into this core for ministry and healing, and people are sent out into all the world with the gospel” (G. Miley, Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations, p.101). We are firm believers that God is sovereignly moving people groups from locations where it is extremely difficult to reach them with the gospel to places where they can be exposed to the good news of Jesus (i.e., Europe).

The Rome Hub is just the first of what we envision to be a network of Hubs in strategic European cities. Over the next five to six years, we are believing God that He will empower us to start Hubs in 5 additional strategic European cities with significant migrant, or diaspora, populations. From the time we began laying the foundation for the Hub in Rome, God has brought millions of refugees to the shores of Europe who were fleeing war and poverty in search of opportunity. What an amazing and strategic opportunity this presents for the Kingdom! We don’t want to miss what God is doing!

The Agape Center

Agape Center

The Agape Center is a community center located in Rome, Italy that is focused on showing the love of Jesus to the migrant community of the city in practical ways. The center offers Italian and English lessons for kids and adults, after-school help with homework, and food and clothing distribution among other things. The center ministers to refugees, migrant families, and international students.

The Shalom House

Shalom House

The Shalom House is a ministry of hospitality in Rome, Italy that complements other aspects of the ministry of the HUB such as the Agape Center and the Apprenticeship in Mission. The Shalom House not only houses apprentices and short-term volunteers, but also members of our team and refugees who need temporary housing from time to time. The Shalom House has housed visitors from many different nations of the world and is an integral part of our making disciples in Rome as well as training disciple-makers.

Migrant Outreach

Migrant Outreach

The HUB reaches out to migrant in a variety of different ways. Since the great migration surge of 2016-2018, there are thousands of refugees housed in camps throughout the city. We work with these camps to help with the practical needs of the refugees (like language acquisition) among other things. Many of the refugees that have come to Europe in the past five years of from largely unreached Muslim countries. Reaching these diaspora people groups is a priority for the HUB in Rome!