Apprentices can expect a weekly commitment to ministry, study, etc. of up to 55 hours. This includes prayer, spiritual team life, and reading assignments. In a normal week, the apprentice will have 1-2 days off, but must be flexible on which days these may be, depending on the schedule and needs of the team. It is expected that one arrives promptly for meetings, as early as 8 a.m., on a regular basis. In spite of a very full schedule, we strive for each member of the HUB team to live a healthy, sustainable ministry lifestyle during their time participating in AMH. 
Rome is a very popular tourist destination, and many people will want to come visit you during your sojourn. Changing your schedule, switching days off, and meeting with visitors during regular ministry days is not permitted. We actually highly discourage even having visitors during off days. You will be extremely tired from the new life in Rome, as well as fulfilling ministry expectations.  
You will need your days off to rest rather than showing people around the city. There may be a few opportunities to travel outside of Rome on off weekends, with your team leader’s permission.  Should you desire to do further sightseeing while in Italy, we recommend that you schedule such plans after the conclusion of the apprenticeship.  Though this apprenticeship will, no doubt, be challenging, it will also be a wonderful growth opportunity!   

 As mentioned above, AMH is not merely intended to be a typical short-term mission experience.  It is a focused time in a cross cultural context, concentrating on spiritual formation and mission in community.  This unique program has the following distinctives: 
A FORMATION FOCUS “The best mission strategy is going deep with God” (George Miley).  Maturing in Christlikeness in the inner life is the goal of every true apprentice of Jesus.  This will be the primary focus of our community.  “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted in the earth” (Psalm 46:10).    
This will not be merely an academic pursuit, i.e., learning “about” the spiritual life.  Rather, it will be a corporate pursuit of spiritual formation on the part of the community.  The shared spiritual rhythms of prayer, worship, study, and service (among others) will contribute to a depth of formation of Christlikeness in the inner life which will, in turn, fuel our mission to a lost world.  
A COHORT COMMUNITY We believe that mission is best learned and practiced in the context of community.  We refer to AMH as a cohort for this very reason.  A cohort is a “group of people banded together.”  This cohort, in other words, is a band of believers joined together by common allegiance to our Savior and His Commission to His Church to take the gospel to all people groups.  
Jesus employed a cohort model.  The Apostle Paul did as well.  The cohort community will be a learning environment in which peer-to-peer and master-apprentice relationships will naturally be cultivated.  It will be an environment in which models of incarnational ministry can be personally experienced, all in the context of the cohort community. 
AN APOSTOLIC ENVIRONMENT The HUB community in Rome is, at its core, an apostolic community.  We believe the ongoing function of the apostolic gifting in the church today lies in laying foundations and initiating new Kingdom works.  As we strive to see God’s Kingdom established in Rome and beyond, our heartfelt prayer is that the HUB in Rome will be not only a training center, but also a launching pad for initiating new Kingdom initiatives among the least reached peoples and places of the world.  
This distinctive gives the HUB in Rome a bit of an “Antioch flavor.”  The community in Antioch (Acts 13) was both a worshipping community and a HUB for apostolic teams being equipped and sent out.  AMH will expose the apprentice to a similar environment, which will serve as an ideal setting for hands-on training in cross-cultural work. The apprentice will experience first-hand the vitality of an apostolic center and apostolic teams engaged in initiating new Kingdom works.   
AMH will not merely be a learning environment, but a context in which the felt needs of the apprentice and his/her perceived call will determine, at least in part, the appropriate training and opportunities tailored for the individual.  Furthermore, the apostolic setting will be a safe environment for experimentation with the apprentice’s personal passions, gifts, and calling.  As an apostolic environment, AMH will also be “unsettling” and unfamiliar enough to the apprentice to test and grow his/her character, faith and skill in cross-cultural Kingdom work.  The cultural setting, while still very near that of the host culture, will be different enough to allow an initial cross-cultural experience for those coming from Western countries. 
REPRODUCIBILITY Our goal is to extend God’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth, bring the Great Commission to completion, and prepare the way for the return of King Jesus.  AMH seeks to equip apprentices to not merely pioneer a single new kingdom work, but to learn to evangelize and disciple others in a way that reproduces disciple making movements that will go many generations deep!  Thus, AMH will  

emphasize the centrality of prayer and the implementation of biblical multiplication strategies to equip cross-cultural workers to catalyze movements among diaspora people groups.   
A PHASED APPRENTICESHIP By “phased apprenticeship” we simply mean that we desire to see AMH be more than merely a stand alone program.  Rather, we desire to see it fill a need in the bigger picture of the calling, training, and release of cross-cultural workers.  We desire to serve churches, missions, and prospective missionaries to see laborers released into the needy harvest fields of the world.  Thus, we anticipate the apprenticeship being one phase of a bigger process, and we pray that a number of those who come to Rome to be further trained in mission will return to be part of the long-term HUB team or move on to join other cross-cultural teams serving around the world. 
We envision an apprenticeship in AMH serving as a starting point for a person with a burden for a particular people or affinity group.  If, for example, one has a burden for Muslims from Bangladesh, he or she could engage in Kingdom work among that people group in Rome.  This will be done in a team context and will be integrated into the ongoing training and life rhythm of the HUB community, under the guidance of an experienced mission practitioner.  Through the integration of formation and targeted mission conducted in the context of community, the apprentice will gain invaluable pre-field exposure and become more adequately equipped for the next step in his or her cross-cultural call.  This is only one possible scenario, among many potential ones, in which AMH could bridge the gap between academic training, calling and deployment to the field.  There are many other possible prospects that could play out through one’s involvement with AMH.   
 1The “HUB” is an apostolic center.  The term is taken from the airline industry which utilizes a hub as a strategic focus for all of its operations.  The HUB concept has both an internal focus (formation and community) and an external focus (mission).  As an apostolic center, it will serve as the home of a community of Christ-followers committed to a life together of spiritual formation and mission in community, fueled by a passion to take the gospel to the nations.  Our understanding of “apostolic” focuses on launching new Kingdom initiatives among the least-reached peoples and places in order to fulfill the commission Jesus gave to us in Matthew 28:18-20.  Our vision is that the HUB in Rome (which includes the Agape Center, the Shalom House, the Apprenticeship in Mission, etc.) would be an apostolic community in which the life of Christ is proved in our daily life rhythms and proclaimed in our common mission to make Him known among the nations.  The HUB would serve as a center in which formation, mission, training, respite, and counseling could all be experienced in community.  Our vision is that the HUB would not only function as a growing, worshipping community itself, but also serve as a staging area from which workers can be trained, work to start discipleship movements among the multitude of people groups in the city of Rome, and be sent to the least reached peoples and places of the world. 







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