AMH is not intended to be a typical short-term, first time mission experience.  For those seeking a short-term mission experience, a great number of opportunities already exist.  Although we do offer short-term opportunities of three weeks and three months, the focus of AMH is on those who either want to explore the possibility of a call to cross-cultural work or need to be further equipped for a perceived call.  We believe this program can significantly contribute to the preparation of those called to cross-cultural work.   
Necessary Apprentice Characteristics for a Successful Apprenticeship: •   Passion to know Christ more deeply: Willingness to focus on Christ through engaging in spiritual disciplines •   Teachable spirit: Willingness to implement trainings or methods that you don’t understand, seem strange to you, or push you outside your comfort zone •   Servant’s heart: Willingness to maintain a positive and joyful spirit in all acts of service 

•   Humility: Willingness to be sweetly broken by the recognition of your sinfulness, to experience the great joy of God’s grace given to you through the cross of Christ, and to let this humility pervade your interactions with other interns and the IP team •   Perseverance: Willingness to endure difficult situations without giving up (internal strength) 
Although certain similarities exist in all three levels of the Apprenticeship in Mission at HUB, there are somewhat distinct expectations for the following levels of commitment: 
 1)   EXPOSURE/SERVICE TRIP: Our exposure to evangelism and church planting focuses on the following main areas: 
Spiritual Formation:  •   Prayer and fasting: Participants will spend significant time in individual and corporate prayer. Interns will be guided in the discipline of fasting with 2 fasts (1-day and a 2-day). •   Scripture: Participants will read and meditate deeply on Scripture and memorize various passages. •   Reading: Participants will read selected articles and books assigned for spiritual and ministry development. •   Participants will take part in the regular spiritual rhythms of the Rome long-term team and those participating in other levels of the Apprenticeship in Mission. •   Participants will spend time daily in prayer, meditation and reading. •   Participants will be exposed to the history of the primitive church whose witness still today serves as a stirring example of faith and the power of the gospel. 
Bold Evangelism: •   Participants will be trained in evangelism skills and methodologies for implementation. •   Participants will spiritually engage people that they do not know daily (on the streets, in parks, in cafés, etc.) to find Persons or Households of Peace for the purpose of baptism and church planting. •   Participants will spend up to 4 hours daily engaging unbelievers in evangelism. 
Servant-hood: •   Participants will be called on significantly to serve each other and the Rome HUB long-term team. •   Participants will spend significant time volunteering at a migrant center or otherwise involved in community engagement. •   Participants will assist the long-term team and those participating in the Apprenticeship in Mission at the HUB in Rome by serving in various other capacities.  
 2)   INTERNSHIP: Those engaged in AMH at this level will commit to spending approximately three months engaged in mission and training with the HUB team in Rome.  
In addition to the expectations listed above for the exposure level, those committed to this level of the apprenticeship can anticipate the following additional expectations: •   Training: Interns will engage in regular training covering the five capacities listed above (see “Vision”) several times a week, along with those participating in the full apprenticeship. •   Participation in team life: Interns will fully engage in full in the team life and rhythms of the Rome HUB team.  This will include times of prayer, fellowship, ministry, etc.  •   Mentoring: In addition to training, ministry and participation in team life, interns will also meet on a regular basis with an assigned mentor during their time in Rome for accountability, counseling and spiritual growth. 

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